Spend Cloud Portal

In the Spend Cloud Portal users can get together to search for information and share knowledge.

The Spend Cloud Portal is available in the Spend Cloud.

You can gain knowledge! In the portal, you can search for various types of manuals and articles. You can find information regarding the purpose of certain Spend Cloud pages. Moreover, it provides information on how several financial processes work. We will keep adding information and articles to the Knowledgebase. Never stop improving!

You can share your knowledge! As an administrator, you could ask questions in the portal and receive answers from other administrators. Besides, you could also post ideas to keep improving the Spend Cloud. The status of your tickets is always available and you can even see what updates we are currently working on. You could also start a discussion with similar organizations to inspire one another. Better together!


  • Knowledge is centralized and easily found
  • You gain insight into other client’s ideas and updates we are already working on, so you save time by not adding to what has already been suggested
  • You can compare your organization to similar ones and inspire each other with best practices
  • You save time by not having to call, chat or email about questions or errors 
  • We have more time to handle your tickets, because time is saved by not having to call, chat or email 
  • This way we are able to collect feedback quickly and efficiently to keep improving the Spend Cloud

The Spend Cloud Portal makes our approach even more personal

If you have a question and you cannot find a solution in manuals or comments of other users, you can add a ticket to the Spend Cloud Portal. Our Support Team will answer these questions gladly. Even if we are busy, we take the time to explain that to you and get back to you as soon as we can. With the Spend Cloud Portal, we also facilitate contact, not so much with us, but with other organizations!

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