Expense Claims software

Claiming of expenses is an error-prone and labour intensive process in many organisations: complex expense claim forms, uncertainty about who should check the claim and long waits for approval

Sometimes expense claims are even lost. The Spend Cloud’s expense claims software is the ultimate solution to these common problems: digital expense claims simplify this process and make it transparent.

The advantages of expense claims software

  • Expense claims are easy to submit: after purchase, employees can take a photo of the receipt and submit the claim via the app straight away. In addition, no administrative knowledge whatsoever is required to claim for expenses incurred.
  • Approve claims with a single click: expense claims automatically go to the right person thanks to the predetermined workflow. The assessor can approve the claim with just one click, and they also receive a reminder if action is not taken in good time.
  • Claim travel expenses easily: with the expense claims software, you can claim the kilometres you covered immediately by entering your route. Expenses are calculated using predetermined reimbursement rates for travel.
  • No more lost expense claims: with digital expense claims, you can always locate expense claims in the digital archive.

Digitaal declareren, hoe werkt het?

1. Uploading

Digital expense claims start with uploading the claim, this is very simple. No complex expense claim forms, but a system with several clear options. Employees can take a photo of the receipt via the app and submit the claim straight away. The system also uses familiar options for cost classifications, so employees require no administrative knowledge whatsoever to submit claims. The expense claims software allocates the costs to the correct ledger account in the background.

2. Submission/approval

After submission, claims automatically go to the right assessor based on the predetermined workflow. The assessor receives notification via email that an expense claim is ready for approval. If the assessor does not take timely action, they are sent a reminder. The employee can follow all these steps and see who needs to approve the claim.

3. Checking

Depending on organisational policy, administration checks the expense claims, or they are automatically transferred to the financial package for payment.

4. Viewing

Claims are automatically saved in a digital archive where it is clear exactly who claimed what when. The administration also has insight into progress reports that indicate the length of time taken by managers to approve claims.

Expense claims in the Spend Cloud

Spend Cloud

The Spend Cloud is a complete solution containing five different functionalities to control all business expenses. You decide which functionalities suit your organisation, at what time.


The Procurement module streamlines the procurement process and offers control over employees’ ordering habits. Combining the Procurement module with the Invoicing and Contract Management modules gives you control over the whole Purchase-to-Pay process within a single Spend Cloud.

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Invoice Processing

The Spend Cloud’s digital invoicing gives your organisation insight, oversight and control over this time-consuming process. Combining the Invoicing module with the Procurement and Contract Management modules gives you control over the whole Purchase-to-Pay process within a single Spend Cloud.

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Contract Management

The Contract Management module makes managing contracts simple and clear. Unwanted contract extensions are now a thing of the past. Combining the Contract Management module with the Procurement and Invoicing modules gives you control of the whole Purchase-to-Pay process within a single Spend Cloud.

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Cash & Card

With the Cash & Card module, employees receive payment cards for their business expenses. These cards can be fully controlled by the organisation itself. This offers convenience for employees, and control and oversight for the organisation. Combining the Cash & Card module with other modules enables management of all expenditure streams within a single Spend Cloud.

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Expense Claims

The Expense Claims module is part of the Spend Cloud. Using this module makes claiming expenses a clear and streamlined process for the organisation. By combining the Expense Claims module with other modules in a single Spend Cloud, all expenditure streams can be managed centrally.

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