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Expense claims

Stacks of receipts on the desk, or declarations without receipt, inaccuracies and incomplete invoices. There are many unnecessary annoyances about expense claims.

With the Spend Cloud you structure the declaration process to your guidelines. This way it is almost impossible to make mistakes. The travel distance and costs are calculated automatically. A photo of the receipt is made in the app. And the declaration goes to the correct supervisor according to the workflow.

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Missing information, inaccuracies and misunderstandings are unnecessary for 83% of Dutch managers in expense reports. How difficult can it be to submit complete and well-filled declarations with receipts? In practice, this appears to be quite a challenge.

Our Spend Cloud guides employees to a properly completed declaration, so that they do not even have the possibility to submit an incomplete declaration. With the mobile app, submitting a declaration is also done in 3 steps.

It starts by mapping out the current situation, and then sketching out an ideal declaration process. What are the problems at the moment? What are the declaration rules in your organisation? How are declarations currently submitted? On paper, digitally via the computer, or is it already done via an app?

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In the fact sheet you will find a step-by-step plan explaining how the functionality works: enter, attach, send, assess , verify and process.


In practice:

Francien Bastiaanse, controller at Sensire, had a complete coupon collection in her wallet. As a controller, she ensured that she carefully kept the receipt for every business publication she made. She still does that now, only digitally. “It is very nice that I no longer have to log in via the computer. I take a picture of the receipt and then I can throw it away.”

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