The Spend Cloud’s analysis tool

The Spend Cloud streamlines the expenses process, but would you as a procurement professional also like to have an effective grip on all your modifiable expenses? Then the Spend Cloud’s analysis tool is the way to go.

What are the advantages of the analysis tool?

  • Optimise your procurement flows: the analysis tool divides your invoices into product groups that are linked to account ledgers. You can then carry out various real-time analyses on these. Procurement volume, an ABC analysis, the top 25 spends and the Kraljic matrix provide valuable insights for fully optimising and professionalising the procurement process.
  • Minimise your processing costs: the creditor summary provides an insight into the processing costs per creditor at a glance. You therefore know exactly which supplier you need to engage with to save on costs.
  • You are assured of the correct audit information: the Spend Cloud automatically captures all important actions in an audit trail report. This report is periodically validated by our auditor, so you can be sure the information is always accurate and complete.

Curious to know what the Spend Cloud’s expense claims software can do for you?

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