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It might be cost savings, overview of your organisation’s expenditures, increasing your department’s value, but you’ve landed on this page to find a solution for a problem. If you scroll on you will find various challenges, solutions and case studies to benchmark your challenges to those of our customers.


The way budgets are currently monitored is obsolete. After spending has been made, teams check whether the expenses are in the budget. While in order to actually monitoring the budget, the correct sequence would be that you know whether or not it fits your budget before making a purchase.

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Teams are increasingly responsible for their own budget. The challenge is to provide them with tools with which they can bear that responsibility. And that is only possible if they are always aware of the spending limit.

At the management level it is important to be able to report on the way in which the budget is spent. The challenge here lies in collecting, bundling and analysing the data. Only then the real work begins.

Our Spend Cloud combines all the different expenses – from cash, debit card payments to declarations – in real time, so that the overview is always up-to-date. Teams know their finances and can take their budget into account themselves.

For financial managers, the Spend Cloud means that they can finally focus on reporting on the financial data and designing an appropriate department policy. Instead of the individual searching and connection of these data. The reports and analyses are automated. It is up to the financial manager to communicate about the impact on the business.

It always starts with looking at your current working method. How do you receive your invoices, on paper or digitally? How does the internal distribution work? And how is the procuration arranged?

What are short-term objectives and where do you want to head in the long term? If this is clear, we can switch to making a joint plan and start the implementation.

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In the fact sheet various reports that are automatically generated from the data in the Spend Cloud are clarified: purchase volume, top 25 spend, ABC analysis, Kraljic matrix and audit information.


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