One Spend Cloud, 5 modules

The Spend Cloud offers one complete solution for your organization’s entire expenditure.

From smart payment cards for employees to the entire Purchase to Pay process. Together we make sure the Spend Cloud fits your organization’s needs perfectly. Depending on these needs, modules can be easily added in a later stage. Insight, an overview, and control over all business expenses. That is the Spend Cloud.

Digital invoice processing

Manually processing invoices is a time consuming and error-prone process. You could easily drown in data. 

With the Spend Cloud’s digital invoice processing, you are able to automate a labor-intensive process and gain insight, an overview, and control over invoice processing.

Procurement software

The procurement process is error-prone and this causes a lot of confusion amongst those involved.

When processing invoices it is usually uncovered that the procurement policy has not been complied with. The Spend Cloud’s procurement software automates this process, making it simple and clear for those involved.

Contract management software

Managing contracts can be a confusing task.

With the Spend Cloud’s contract management software, you immediately have insight and an overview of all contracts.

Cash & Card

Smart payment cards for employees

Filing declarations cost employees and the organization time and money. Searching for receipts, processing declarations in a system, having to advance costs, reimbursements, a lack of control over expenses, and insights come afterward. 

Fixing these issues is easy. That is what the smart Cash & Card payment cards do for your organization. They make business expenses easy for employees, give real-time insight, and automate corresponding administration.

Expense Claims software

The expense claim process is often an error-prone and labor-intensive process

Complicated declaration forms, confusion about who needs to check a declaration, and having to wait a long time for approval. A digital declaration process makes processing declarations easy and clear.

Spend Analytics

Optimize procurement flows

For financial managers, the Spend Cloud means that they can finally focus on reporting on the financial data and designing an appropriate department policy. Instead of the individual searching and connection of these data. The reports and analyses are automated. It is up to the financial manager to communicate about the impact on the business.

Wondering what the Spend Cloud could do for you?