Smart payment cards for your employees

Freedom for employees and control over expenditures for Finance.

Stay in control by giving employees the freedom to pay with a smart debit card with its own balance. Because of the freedom to make purchases easily, employees can avoid complicated expense claims processes, thus having more time for core tasks. At the same time, Accounts has full control of all the settings, such as budgets, payment options, PIN codes and card access.

Customer testimonials:

Team Jumbo Visma - Paul Dieleman
“Thanks to real-time data in the Spend Cloud, we save at least 10 hours a week. As a result, we are up to date every week, and the process is more transparent..”
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Stichting Zorbalans - Wim Janssen
“If you spend less time on administration, you obviously have more time for healthcare.
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Leger des Heils - Sander Bos
“The Spend Cloud was operational within a month.”
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Team Jumbo Visma - Paul Dieleman
“Door real-time data in de Spend Cloud, besparen we minstens 10 uur per week. Hierdoor zijn we iedere week bij en is het proces inzichtelijker.”
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Stichting Zorbalans - Wim Janssen
“Als je minder tijd besteedt aan de administratie, heb je meer tijd over voor de zorg.”
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Leger des Heils - Sander Bos
“Binnen een maand was de Spend Cloud operationeel.”
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Take control of your organisation's expenditures
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Fully self-managed

Define and change settings for cards assigned to individuals, teams or departments.
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Pay anytime, anywhere

Pay in shops and on websites with Maestro and Mastercard, secured online with 3DSecure.
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Control over expenditures

Keep control of all expenditures with real-time insight of all payments.

Self-managed payment cards

Fully integrated and manageable in the Spend Cloud

Spend Cloud Cards are fully configurable in the Spend Cloud. Card applications, payment options, daily limits, budgets and more can be set up for each card. This can be done by the Finance Department itself.

We guarantee user-friendliness, thanks to seamless integration between the cards and the Spend Cloud. After easy onboarding, you are fully in control without the need for additional software. Wondering how many management options you have in the Spend Cloud? We take a detailed look at this in the Spend Cloud Card fact sheet.

Pay anywhere, in actual physical and online shops

Maestro and debit Mastercard combined in one card

Smart debit cards are ideal for occasional spending, i.e. spending that isn’t on an invoice. Spend Cloud Cards make it easy for employees through the combined Maestro and debit Mastercard functionality.

With employees paying with your organisation’s card, there are no more complicated claims processes.

Are you done with making administration unnecessarily complicated? Read more in the fact sheet.

Wondering what smart payment cards could mean for your organisation?

Control over expenses and budgets

Track all payments in real time

Transactions are processed directly in the Spend Cloud, so you are constantly aware of all spending. 

Adjustable card limits ensure optimal budget management. Automatic coding ensures correct accounting.

So you are always in control of budgets. A variety of analyses and reports also help you to continue to optimise the administrative process.

Wondering how you can improve managing your expenditures? Read more in the fact sheet!

Spend Cloud Cards and your financial system

All card spending automatically processed in your financial software

The Spend Cloud allows you to manage receipts, entry coding and approval by budget holders. The link to your financial application ensures that your accounts are always up-to-date.

The Spend Cloud has standard web services with all the usual financial and ERP applications, such as AFAS, Exact, Twinfield or Visma. Would you like to find out more? Download the fact sheet.

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