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Invoice Processing

An unnecessary amount of time is spent on the processing of purchase invoices. The manual working method in itself costs too much time. Often, invoices also remain on the desk for a long time for those who have to give fiat. Sometimes they even disappear from there.

By digitising the process, you tackle all these problems in one fell swoop. After digital receipt, or scan of a paper invoice, the Spend Cloud records every step so that you can follow the audit trail at any time.

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Invoice processing can be a time-consuming job. The challenge is to get fiat in as short a time as possible from everyone on the procuration schedule. And in the right order too.

Our Spend Cloud digitises invoice processing and automates the authorisation process. This minimises the manual actions, maximises the overview and drastically reduces the turnaround time.

It always starts with looking at your current working method. How do you receive your invoices, on paper or digitally? How does the internal distribution work? And how is the procuration arranged?

What are short-term objectives and where do you want to head in the long term? If this is clear, we can switch to making a joint plan and start the implementation.

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The fact sheet contains a step-by-step plan explaining how the functionality works: receive, encode, verify, send, authorize and process.


In practice:

With 45,000 incoming invoices on an annual basis, mistakes and corrections sometimes occur. Eden Hotels suffered from too long lead times, because the processing of the document flow was not organized efficiently. By digitizing the entire process of purchase-to-pay, they went for both time and cost savings.

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