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Contract Management

You can only prevent an unwanted contract extension if you know the end date of all current contracts within your organisation. This is difficult if they are spread over multiple locations. With the Spend Cloud you have access to all your contracts anywhere at any time. The Spend Cloud also signals when the end date is approaching. All you have to do is take follow-up steps.

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Closing the best possible deal is a challenge in itself. After concluding a contract, having the best possible deal is only possible if you use the contract to the fullest. But that is difficult if you have multiple contracts in multiple offices.

When approaching the end date, the intention is to see if this is the best deal, but of course that is only possible if you know that end date is approaching.


In our Spend Cloud, you digitise all your contracts and link an end date directly to it, so that you get a signal in time to re-examine the contract. Because payment obligations are also linked to it, you can see exactly how the contract is being used to the fullest.

And because the contracts are stored in a digital archive, all stakeholders can easily find them.


How many contracts do you have now? Where are these located? Who has access to which contracts? Is that because of a particular role that is more common within your organisation? With the answers to these questions, the Spend Cloud is set up so that all your contracts can be digitally accessed.

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It the fact sheet you will find a step-by-step plan explaining how the functionality works: add, register, assess, archive, notice and action.


In practice:

Bink Childcare has 40 locations for day care centres, kindergarten and out-of-school care, and with that also 40 locations for keeping contracts. With this distribution, looking up a contract was a hell of a job. They have been working since 2006 with the functionality for small-scale expenses and invoice processing. When the time was right, contract management was added.

Integrated System

This offers the advantage that the system immediately establishes a link between a purchase invoice and the corresponding contract. Budget holders who have to assess the invoice also have access to the underlying contract. This benefits the substantive check on billing agreements.

Digital contract administration

André Kok, Finance Manager: “Looking for an old contract is a lot less time-consuming with ProActive Contract Management. Based on a number of selection criteria, it is immediately clear which contracts have been concluded. An additional advantage is that it all goes via the internet. All our employees always have access to the contracts, wherever they are!”

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