About us

We are ProActive. Developers of the Spend Cloud. Organisations use this online solution to manage their cash flows. We simplify complex actions.

That way you, the user, only need to focus on your core business. We offer first-class unburdening with the ProActive Spend Cloud.

That way you, the user, only need to focus on your core business. We offer first-class unburdening with the ProActive Spend Cloud.

The Spend Cloud as Personal Assistant

From purchase to payment, you can find everything in the Spend Cloud. You monitor, approve and analyse all your outgoings in a single environment. 

Clear oversight means you save on costs, manage processes better, and create greater flexibility for future improvements. Our solution is an indispensable personal assistant for expenditure management because employees can focus on their core tasks more effectively with the Spend Cloud.

Our team

Our team consists of young professionals who always strive for improvement. 

Not just for ourselves, but for our clients in particular. They all have one objective in mind: to develop long-term relationships. That is why we offer innovative solutions with a high level of service. Technology with a human touch. That is the power of ProActive.

Our approach

What we offer is software and service. According to us, one cannot exist without the other. Together we determine a goal for your organization.

We help you achieve that goal. It’s in our DNA to keep improving, which is why we work towards an even better result after achieving our goals. 

In practice this means we take care of the implementation and training to guarantee a great starting point for your organization. You always have one point of contact per project, so you always know who to contact for questions. 

Finishing the implementation means we start optimizing. Our support consultants can help you back on your feet whenever you run into a problem. With webinars, online masterclasses and knowledge sessions we enable you to improve and maintain a professional level of IT- and substantive knowledge. 


You can easily get in touch with us via the Spend Cloud Portal

You can see exactly which wishes and updates we are working on. In addition, you can look up information, so that you do not waste time chatting, emailing or calling. Guaranteed efficiency! Working together towards optimization. Better together.



ProActive is an independent division of the successful Visma. This rapidly growing Norwegian software company is a strong international player with a strategic focus on the Netherlands. Together with our colleague companies at Visma, we offer a complete package in the area of finance and HR.



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