We are ProActive

The three of us started as software developers in 1999 in Haarlem. One of our first major customers – RIBW KAM – asked us in 2002 to develop a solution for the cash administration, at the time a box full of receipts.

15 years later that solution has become a solution for the entire spend process, our customer base has been expanded with almost 700 organisations and RIBW KAM is still a customer!

RIBW KAM is exactly what we stand for: long-term relationships with our customers. We achieve this on the one hand by making the processes as simple as possible with our Spend Cloud, so that they can focus on what is important.

On the other hand, it is the human touch. We stay in touch with our customers. Be it during training, when our support is needed, or when we organise knowledge sessions. There is continuous contact, so that we continue to grow/develop together.

After all, the aim is to save costs as easily as possible, to manage the processes optimally and to create the space to be able to make further improvements to the future.

Our approach

What we offer is software and services. In our view it can not be one without the other. Together we determine the goal for your organisation. We help you achieve that goal. It is in our DNA to keep improving; that is why we will even work together with you on improving the result afterwards.

In practice, this means that we take care of implementation and training, so that you can make a good start right away. You have one point of contact on one project. This way you always know who you can turn to for questions.

For us, the end of the implementation is the start of optimisation. Are you running into something? We have support consultants who will clear the way again. And with webinars, the online masterclass and knowledge sessions, we give you the opportunity to keep your IT knowledge as well as substantive knowledge of your profession up to standard.



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