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The procurement process is error-prone and often presents many uncertainties for those involved. One often only realises that the procurement policy has not been fully adhered to at the point of invoice processing. The Spend Cloud’s procurement software automates this process, which makes it simple, transparent and clear for all involved. The Procurement module offers a streamlined process, with approval now taking place in advance and ambiguities in procurement policy becoming a thing of the past.

Procurement in the Spend Cloud

Spend Cloud

De Spend Cloud is één omgeving met in totaal vijf verschillende modules. Jij bepaalt zelf welke modules, op welk moment, bij de organisatie passen.


Procurement is an important expenditure stream and is therefore part of the Spend Cloud. The Procurement module offers control over ordering habits and streamlines the procurement process, so this process becomes simple and transparent for all involved. Combining the Procurement, Invoice and Contract Management modules gives you control of the whole Purchase-to-Pay process within a single Spend Cloud.

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Invoice Processing

The Spend Cloud’s digital invoicing gives your organisation insight, oversight and control over this time-consuming process. Combining the Invoicing module with the Procurement and Contract Management modules gives you control over the whole Purchase-to-Pay process within a single Spend Cloud.

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Contract Management

The Contract Management module makes managing contracts simple and clear. Unwanted contract extensions are now a thing of the past. Combining the Contract Management module with the Procurement and Invoicing modules gives you control of the whole Purchase-to-Pay process within a single Spend Cloud.

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Cash & Card

With the Cash & Card module, employees receive payment cards for their business expenses. These cards can be fully controlled by the organisation itself. This offers convenience for employees, and control and oversight for the organisation. Combining the Cash & Card module with other modules enables management of all expenditure streams within a single Spend Cloud.

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Expense Claims

The Expense Claim module makes claiming expenses a clear and streamlined process. Combining the Expanse Claim module with other modules in a single Spend Cloud enables central management of all expenditure streams.

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Advantages of procurement software

  • Prior control over ordering habits: define the ordering options, items and suppliers from whom employees may buy in advance. This brings the approval process forward to an earlier stage and the procurement policy is complied with automatically.
  • Streamlined procurement process: employees can simply order from preselected suppliers. Budget holders can approve invoices with a single click via app or desktop.
  • 3-way matching: combination with the Invoicing module enables automatic recognition and approval of invoices by means of 3-way matching. This makes the Purchase-to-Pay process even more efficient.
  • Clear analyses of the procurement process: the built-in analysis function is linked to suppliers, so you can easily carry out analyses of the procurement process. The top 25 suppliers based on procurement volume, or procurement figures per product group are just some examples of analyses that can easily be carried out with this functionality.
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Procurement management, how does it work?

1. Preparation
You establish the ordering habits, items, and suppliers employees may purchase from in advance.

Employees have three ways of compiling an order via the procurement software:
– In the supplier’s webshop by means of an OCI punch-out connection
– From the internal catalogue
– Via an order form

2. Approval
When ordering from suppliers’ webshops or the internal catalogue, employees only see items they are permitted to order. That way, the procurement policy is automatically adhered to and no checks are required on these orders. The procurement software shows in advance which orders require approval, which then go to the right person automatically.

3. Order placement
The order is automatically placed with the supplier after approval.

4. Checks
The order placer and authorised colleagues can view the order status at any time. After checking whether the whole order was delivered in full, it is registered in the Spend Cloud and the invoice can be processed.

5. 3-way matching
In combination with the Invoicing module, 3-way matching then takes place.
The Spend Cloud checks whether the purchase order, registered delivery and invoice match one another. If this is the case, the invoice is approved automatically.

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