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If you have complete control over the purchasing process in your organisation, you will also see where economies of scale can be achieved. With the functionality of the digital purchasing system you have control over who can order, where and how:

  • using a free order form,
  • in the webshop of the supplier,
  • from an internal catalogue.

Always according to the right procuration schedule.

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Strategic procurement is the goal for many purchasers. In order to achieve this, however, it is first important to get the operational matters in order. If it is clear who purchases what and where, that data can be analysed.

Our Spend Cloud perfects operational purchasing and automatically generates reports from the data, allowing you to analyse them and adjust the purchasing strategy.


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In the fact sheet you will find a step-by-step plan explaining how the functionality works: compose, confirm, offer, verify, match and process.


In practice:

In the past, WelThuis may have paid an invoice on good luck. The receipt was not registered and no one except the person who placed the order knew whether it had already been delivered. At times like this, the separation between the Procurement department and the accounts payable administration was clear. After the reorganization they learned to cooperate better and ProActive helped them achieve this.

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