Our workplace makes people excel!

That might sound a bit presumptuous, but one of our values actually is ‘A happy workplace makes people excel’. For us, our happy workplace means keeping it fun, factual and flexible for everyone. We believe that our product is so successful because of our human capital, so we let people put their skills to use and develop themselves instead of telling them what to do.

“Be honest, don’t sell sh!t”

That is what we firmly believe in at ProActive and what we work by in all that we do.
As well as ‘mistakes happen… apologize, fix it and learn’ so we will ‘never stop improving’. And in addition to that we like to ‘keep it simple’. If these values are as appealing to you as they are to us, you definitely need to come and have a look on the inside!

Dirk Bonenkamp

The passway to your happier workplace:

Medior/Senior PHP Developer

Do you just love to code and are you looking for an environment that combines hard work with fun constantly? Look no further and become ProActive’s new Medior/Senior PHP Developer....

Simple recruitment process

When you send us your resume with a clear motivation by email, we only need two steps to get ready to hire you:

Step 1

Discover the cultural match and meet your future colleagues

Step 2

Experience your future role and meet the founders of ProActive

Working @ ProActive

At ProActive we live and breath our six organisational values (in bold below) that we can summarize by keeping it fun, factual & flexible. Below you’ll find more explanation on the what these words and values mean to us.


A happy workplace makes people excel
Keep it simple (stupid)

Be as you are
Work hard – play hard
Celebrate success
Influence your own growth


Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups
Be honest, don’t sell shit

Be ProActive and take initiative
Work towards clear expectations
Cooperate by constructive feedback


Never stop improving
Mistakes happen… apologize, fix it and learn

Create your own best workplace
Focus on personal growth for all