Case Xpect Primair – Invoice processing

During the time when Xpect Primair used the services of an administration office, it could take between 2 and 3 weeks for invoices to be processed. This meant reports were not up-to-date, because the data is outdoors. 

During demonstrations of different software packages, Visma | ProActive stood out above the competition. In the Spend Cloud Xpect Primair can also manage their cash and bank books, not just the incoming invoices.

Xpect Primair - Digital Invoice Processing

Xpect Primair is a Catholic foundation that includes 20 schools. For administrative purposes, they always used the services of an administration office. In 2012, they decided to take control of their own administration and started searching for a tool to guide them on this unfamiliar ground. Angela Hopmans, Policy Officer Finance, was closely involved in this process and tells us her story.

“In the time that we were affiliated with an administration office, we sent everything to them by post. Not just invoices, but also cash registrations from all locations. They were then entered manually. However, we switched to using Excel files for data input in the last period. In total, the process took some 2.5 weeks.”

Software requirements

“2.5 weeks is too long. It also means that you don’t have up-to-date reports, so we decided it was time to start keeping our own administration. Because we’d outsourced it for such a long time, we really needed a tool to help us. Together with the implementation leader, we drew up three requirements:

  1. user-friendly, fast software
  2. an interface with AFAS
  3. fast processing times

Colleagues at other organizations gave us some providers to look into. Three of these came to demonstrate their software. The Spend Cloud stood out from the rest as we also have the option to manage our cash- and bankbooks in the Spend Cloud, in addition to invoice processing. This really was the decisive factor for us.”

Angela Hopmans

Policy Officer Finance

“We got used to the software from day one.”

Curious to see just how userfriendly the Spend Cloud really is? 

Download the Invoice Processing factsheet and find out all about the benefits yourself!


Why didn’t we do this sooner?

“The implementation went very smoothly. We got used to the software from day one, and genuinely thought: why didn’t we do this sooner? Especially the digital archive! Employees in the past still had to go to the archive room and search paper invoices by hand. On that point alone, the Spend Cloud has generated massive time savings.

The implementation of the Spend Cloud went like clockwork at the rest of our 20 locations as well. We get nothing but positive messages from the field employees. The administrative staff at our schools says the Spend Cloud is easy to use and therefore a great improvement.

They scan an invoice, and it automatically follows the workflow. This means that the invoice comes back to the administrative staff member for coding sometimes. After this, the invoice is forwarded to the director for approval. Then it’s sent back to the central location for a final check. The final step is to process the invoice in AFAS. This entire cycle just takes a couple of days – even with all those approvals.

Thanks to the Spend Cloud, we now have direct insight into our expenditure and our financial status. At any time.”

Curious to see just how userfriendly the Spend Cloud really is? 

Download the Invoice Processing factsheet and find out all about the benefits yourself!


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