Case Centraal Museum – Invoice processing

Although Centraal Museum has many traditional items in their collection, when it comes to their organizational work process they are less traditional. The classical distribution of invoices took too much time.

By digitizing invoice processing in Visma | ProActive, the turnaround time of purchase invoices is reduced and the process is made more efficient and easy for employees.

Centraal Museum - Digital invoice processing

The Centraal Museum is located in Utrecht. The museum has existed since 1838 and is the oldest city museum in the Netherlands. The Centraal Museum has an extensive collection of older and modern art, but also of fashion, city history, and design. The Dick Bruna Huis and the Rietveld Schröderhuis are also part of the Centraal Museum.

Speeding up invoicing processing

In 2012 Centraal Museum decided to professionalize invoice processing with Visma | ProActive. The distribution of paper invoices among budget holders was a cumbersome process, as invoices arriving via the post were sorted by reception and then placed in the pigeon hole of the accounts payable administration. They then distributed the invoice among the budget holders for approval. This process took a lot of time, because an invoice often had to be forwarded to different budget holders for approval.

Klaas den Boer


The system is really logical. And that ensures wide acceptance among users.

Curious to see just how userfriendly the Spend Cloud really is?

Download the Invoice Processing factsheet and find out all about the benefits yourself!

Coding invoices by maintenance costs

Using the Spend Cloud, invoice processing at the Centraal Museum has been fully digitized. The entry and coding data of an invoice is now transferred using scan and recognition technologies. Visma | ProActive also offers the Centraal Museum the option of coding invoices on maintenance costs. The Centraal Museum has interfaced its reports in the Spend Cloud to its maintenance schedule, which offers a total overview of the costs both incurred and to be expected.

After coding, the invoice is sent around the organization digitally. Budget holders are given a signal that an invoice is ready for assessment via email. On average, invoices are now assessed within a week of arrival. Then they are ready for payment in the financial package.

User-friendly system

Klaas den Boer – Controller – tells us about his experience with Visma | ProActive: “The Spend Cloud is a very user-friendly system for automating the invoice processing. Acceptance among users is very high. This is because the system is eminently logical. The Spend Cloud is easy to use without much instruction.”

Curious to see just how user-friendly the Spend Cloud really is?

Download the Invoice Processing factsheet and find out all about the benefits yourself!

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