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Cash & Card

Occasional and small-scale expenses are often made unnoticed. Registration is different for each issue and the payment method is used. With the Spend Cloud, it does not matter which payment method you choose: spending is easier, and registration too.

The Spend Cloud also helps you to gradually switch to a full cashless way of working with debit cards in own management. This allows you to automate the registration of expenses more and more and minimize the chance of errors.

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In a jumble of all the different ways in which small-scale and incidental expenses are made, it is difficult to understand what is being spent. Let alone send or limit these expenses.

Our Spend Cloud provides an automatic overview of all small-scale expenses, making it easy to report on and manage expenses.

What is the current procedure regarding small-scale and incidental expenses in your organisation? Do you still use a lot of cash? If so, do you think that’s fine, or do you want to work more towards cashless? What do you do for small-scale expenses now? And how is that administered?

Depending on what you want, we switch on the options in the Spend Cloud. Cash administration for cash, or only the bank administration if you want to work cashless.


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The fact sheet contains a step-by-step plan explaining how the functionality works: topping up, paying, encoding, closing, assessing and analysing.


In practice:

Zorgbalans is a real trendsetter in the field of cashless working. Years ago they were instructed by the treasury committee to reduce the cash in circulation considerably. In addition, they also had neighborhood teams that wanted to work with debit cards. This new method of working with money turned out to be a hit.

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