PHP developer (32 – 40 hours)

PHP developer with the international Card Counters: will you make sure the Spend Cloud module Cash & Card is absolutely flawless?

As a PHP developer, you make your own daily planning. Fixing bugs, having a short meeting to see how you’re doing, brainstorming about new features, evaluating user stories, exchanging family pics, and back at it. Curious to see what it’s like to work with the Card Counters team?

What does your day as a PHP developer at ProActive look like? 

You work together with an international team of four developers and one PO. You are responsible for the Spend Cloud modules Expense Claims and Cash & Card with smart payment cards for employees. That’s why you are called the Card Counters 😉 Every day you strive to make the software a little better and user-friendly. Never stop improving!

You start your day whenever you like, as long as you are present at the daily stand-up at 09:00. You discuss yesterday’s problems, bugs, and achievements with Arno, Gayan Harshana, Maarten, René en Shahmy during the stand-up, and evaluate. After the meeting, you get right to it and solve the bug with the input of your colleagues. Better together! You create a unit test to save the feature. 

11:00 Time for the refinement meeting! This weekly meeting lasts about an hour because efficiency is important. We go over projects of upcoming sprints and check whether all user stories meet our criteria of ‘done’. 

12:30: lunchtime. Balance is important, so don’t forget to take some time off and clear our head! 

After this lunch break, you suddenly have a brilliant idea for a new feature! Together with the team, you pick a moment to discuss whether there is room for it on the backlog. A short, spontaneous meeting is not uncommon, so no problem. Is your idea not a priority at the time? You can just show us what you got during one of our hackathons!

So, what will I actually be doing when working as a PHP developer at ProActive?

You and the team are responsible for improving the Spend Cloud’s code. You take care of transitioning issues for existing, new, and improved features to make sure the software performs better and better. You develop new elements yourself, but you also review your colleagues’ work. Together you just get it done; be honest, don’t sell shit. How you spend your day, is up to you. 

What makes being a PHP developer at ProActive special?

  • You can start right away! 
  • Don’t feel like editing your resume? No problem! We prefer a showcase anyway
  • You decide at what time you start and when you end your day, as long as you work the 32 – 40 hours agreed upon and are present at the daily stand-ups. Working from home or at the office is not a problem as long as we/you adhere to the RIVM guidelines. 
  • Freedom: you have plenty of room to give valuable feedback. Twice a year you can even join the hackathon to pitch and develop any idea you like. 
  • The ProActive vibe: parties, outings, fun, colleagues to exchange family pictures with. Your coworkers have just started to work together in this particular team, so there is plenty of opportunity for you all to bond. A happy workplace makes people excel!
  • A good salary with competitive terms of employment. Based on a 40-hour workweek, you have 26 days off. 

Show us what you got!

  • Extensive knowledge of architectural concepts, PHP, PHP-frameworks, and REST/JSON APIs.
  • Experience with frameworks like Laravel and Symfony, git, composer, docker, and SQL or you are willing to learn quickly. 
  • The ability to work with Kanban and continuous delivery.
  • Your English is excellent, both in writing and speech

Who are you?

  • You don’t quit until you achieve 100% code coverage. It is your goal to create well-performing, (re)usable, and easy to maintain code. Quality is at the top of your priorities, you are dedicated, responsible, involved, and results-oriented. 
  • You take initiative: to gain knowledge to stay up-to-date with changes in the industry, to welcome change, and to come up with new ideas. 
  • You work well independently, you share knowledge, give feedback, and are able to receive feedback and apply this to your work. 
  • You share the opinion that development could use some more women! Diversity is very important to us because it allows teams to work with different perspectives and come up with refreshing ideas. 

ProActive as an employer

We work together to make the Spend Cloud better at ProActive. Software that simplifies all business expenses. We work with non-profit organizations like health care and education organizations, but we also work with companies. What kind of impact do we have on a day to day basis? Health care employees have more money to spend on music therapy for children. Teachers have more time to prepare lessons. We make sure people are able to ‘just’ do their job. We free up time and take away the worry. 

Curious if we see a fit as well? Send in your resume and/or showcase and motivation (including an indication of salary) to with ‘PHP developer’ in the title. Come help us with becoming the ultimate spend tool! 

How does the application process work?

You send us your resume and/or showcase. We take a close look and get back to you as soon as we can, at least within 5 weekdays. Does your first impression make us curious? Then we will schedule a meeting. After this, we could schedule a digital ‘Employee for a Day’ so you can meet the team and find out what it is that we do exactly. Everybody happy? Welcome to the (Card Counters) team!

Will you become our new colleague?
Do you want to work at the most fun office in the Netherlands? With colleagues you can laugh with and at? Check out our job openings and send in your resume and motivation!

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