Experienced front-end developer

As a front-end developer, you do your tasks while catching up in the weekly Google Meet team hangout.

During the development of the newest Spend Cloud version in Vue, you talk to the other members of team Normalo’s about daily life. Are you stuck in web development or with remodeling your house? Your team is there for you!

What does a day as a front-end developer look like at Visma | ProActive?

Together with three other developers, you as team Normalo’s are responsible for the front-end development of the Spend Cloud. Your team has the responsibility to create the newest version of the Spend Cloud AND come up with a new team name. Tom, Diogo, and Marijn look forward to brainstorming with you about it. 

You start your day whenever you like, as long as you’re ready for the daily stand-up at 09:45 (Dutch time). You go over the planning and problems during this short meeting. Short and few meetings are the rule rather than the exception with the Normalo’s: meet only when needed and make room for socializing. On a daily basis, this means having one retrospective meeting per two weeks, semi-regular refinement meetings, and a weekly Normalo’s hangout on tuesday. This optional hangout in Google Meet allows you to work together separately with your team. You can catch up while socializing, going over office gossip, and talking about your life if you want to. 

12:30: lunchtime. Balance is important, so don’t forget to take some time off and clear your head!

What does a front-end developer do at Visma | ProActive?

A front-end developer helps develop the newest version of the Spend Cloud. That means working on web development and user interfaces, implementing new versions of current features, and building the architecture of the new Spend Cloud. In our current phase, you will be working on the architecture to make content creation possible at a later stage. ‘Building the building blocks’ so to speak. It’s important to document your work in order to share knowledge quickly and easily in this process. 

Keep in mind that your job does not have to be limited to front-end development. You can start side projects if you like! Colleague Diogo also works on the Spend Cloud infrastructure for example, during the annual hackathon. Or you can collaborate with colleagues from other teams on specific projects. Better together!

What makes being a front-end developer at Visma | ProActive extraordinary?

  • You can start right away!
  • Never stop improving: you can expand your skill set just like Diogo if you want to. 
  • Keep growing: this job opened up because Macha grew towards a product owner position. Not a usual career move, but we gladly discuss your ambitions! 
  • You decide when you start your day, as long as you are ready for the stand-ups. Working from home during the covid epidemic is no problem. Working at the office is also possible when adhering to the Dutch RIVM guidelines. 
  • A good salary with competitive terms of employment. Based on a 40-hour workweek, you have 26 days off and the possibility to buy up to 10 more. 
  • The Visma | ProActive vibe: parties, outings, fun,  friday (online) board game night, and colleagues to laugh at and with. A happy workplace makes people excel!
  • Don’t feel like updating your resume? We like receiving a showcase as well! Show us what you got.

“Visma | ProActive is a great employer on every level I can think of: variation in tasks, freedom, fun colleagues, comfortable way of working. And: the way we handle things has only improved in the last ten years. I see a promising future!” – one of our developers that has been working at Visma | ProActive for ten years.

Show us what you got!

  • At least three years of experience with: the newest ECMAScript features, automated testing (jest, cypress, or similar), Vue 2, and working with continuous integration.
  • An academic level of thinking (college degree and specialization is not important for this job). 
  • Thorough understanding of and dedicated experience with Javascript. You are familiar with all aspects of this language. 
  • Your English communication skills are excellent. Some of your colleagues will only be speaking English! Dutch communication skills are nice to have.

Who are you?

  • One of the most important skills for this job is communication. Your team speaks openly about everything and discusses substantiated arguments. You need to be able to handle criticism, speak your mind and give feedback. 
  • You help come up with the best and creative solutions. You feel responsible for the work we do and are dedicated to it. You can match the Normalo’s drive and enthusiasm. 
  • You work well in a team, enjoy it, and have a good sense of humor.

Are you our new colleague?

Do you want to work at the ‘leukste kantoor’ of the Netherlands with colleagues you can laugh with and at? Take a look at our job openings and send us your resume!

Visma | ProActive as an employer

We work together to make the Spend Cloud better at Visma | ProActive. Software that simplifies all business expenses. We work with non-profit organisations like health care and education organisations, but we also work with business companies. What kind of impact do we have on a day to day basis? Health care employees have more money to spend on music therapy for children. Teachers have more time to prepare lessons. We make sure people are able to ‘just’ do their job. We free up time and take away the worry. 

How does the application process work?

You send us your resume, an indication of salary, and/or showcase at We take a close look and get back to you as soon as we can, at least within 5 weekdays. Does your first impression make us curious? Then we will schedule a meeting to get to know you. After this, we schedule a second more technical meeting. You will actually be working with the Normalo’s to see whether your way of thinking and working matches Visma | ProActive’s way of developing. Everybody happy? Welcome to the (Normalo’s) team! Help us become the ultimate spend assistant.

Are you our new colleague?

Do you want to work at the ‘leukste kantoor’ of the Netherlands with colleagues you can laugh with and at? Take a look at our job openings and send us your resume!

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