Android developer (32 – 40 hours)

Do you enjoy teamwork and learning from colleagues about Android and iOS?
Will you join team Appic? The name says it all: they do epic work. Team Appic makes sure that the Spend Cloud runs smoothly on Android and iOS. Join Jesse, Mark and Reshad and challenge them to a MarioKart competition!

What does a day as an Android developer look like?

Your team consists of three mobile developers who are responsible for integrating a native Android and iOS codebase. You all make sure that users experience a premium level of service within the Spend Cloud. You start your day whenever you like, as long as you’re in time for the daily stand-up at 10:00. That’s the time to discuss planning and problems with Jesse, Mark and Reshad. After the stand-up, you start working on tickets. Short meetings throughout the day are good for updates, but you decide what your day looks like for the most part.

12:30 is lunchtime! We enjoy lunch together when working from the office, but it’s your own responsibility to take a break when working from home. Balance is key, so don’t forget that half an hour of rest!

At 16:00 you and the team end the day with a short meeting. What did you get done and what is still left for tomorrow? What do you need help with? And also important: do you have any fun plans for the evening?

Okay, but what does an Android developer actually do at ProActive?

The process looks like this:

  1. PO hands you a ticket or you pick one out yourself (proactively of course).
  2. You involve other developers (UX for instance) and colleagues from support when needed, to gain useful insights.
  3. You come up with the best and most creative solution, without just going through the motions. This does include you ‘keeping it simple!’, which is one of our core values.
  4. You improve the code, write up a test and check your own code.
  5. You hand a ticket and comprehensive instructions to your colleague with JIRA because they will also be checking your code. We always make use of the four-eye principle to prevent new bugs. Better together!
  6. You receive a review (quality assurance) on your changes and put your best foot forward in closing the ticket (without working from 6 to 6! Balance is important!).
  7. Did you get a ‘go’ on every step? Awesome, let’s do some releasing!

Together we make software that just works. Be honest, don’t sell shit!

What makes being an Android developer at ProActive special?

  • You can start right away!
  • Don’t feel like updating your resume? No problem! We much rather receive a showcase anyway.
  • You decide when you start and when you end your day, as long as you put in the hours and are present at the stand-ups. Working from home during corona or at the office is no problem, as long as you adhere to the guidelines provided by the RIVM or a similar organization from your country if you live outside of the Netherlands.
  • A good salary with market-based employment conditions. Based on a full-time workweek, you have 26 days (plus the option to buy an additional 10 days) to take a vacation.
  • The responsibility and opportunity to develop an app to be proud of. Team Appic is driven and so are you. Never stop improving!
  • The ProActive vibe: annual festivities, fun, colleagues to laugh with and at and to play FIFA, MarioKart of (online) boardgames with. A happy workplace makes people excel!
  • As an Android developer at ProActive, you decide whether you’d rather work with Mac or Windows.

Show us what you’ve got!

Do you have:

  • At least three years of experience working as an Android developer, including for example Kotlin, MVVM with RxKotlin and RxJava, Junit testing with MockK, Firebase, Retrofit, and Gradle.
  • A university of applied sciences level of thinking and working (what kind of courses exactly or a diploma don’t matter for this job).
  • Experience with Object-Oriented concepts, software design, and back-end REST API.
  • Experience with agile. We work with Kanban ourselves since we value quality over quantity.
  • Interest in iOS. You will of course be working on Andriod, but you may have to test some iOS for a colleague, to adhere to the four-eye principle. We can teach you the necessary skills.
  • Relevant knowledge that you are willing and able to share. You also need to be able to take constructive criticism.

Who are you?

  • You are independent, responsible, involved, proactive, social, and fun to work with.
  • You focus on results, take initiative, guide a junior colleague, thrive in teamwork, have a sense of humour, and preferably ace MarioKart.
  • You chip in when thinking about the best and most creative solution. We cannot do without your exceptional critical thinking and analytical insights.

ProActive as an employer

We work together to make the Spend Cloud better at ProActive. Software that simplifies all business expenses. We work with non-profit organisations like health care and education organisations, but we also work with business companies. What kind of impact do we have on a day to day basis? Health care employees have more money to spend on music therapy for children. Teachers have more time to prepare lessons. We make sure people are able to ‘just’ do their job. We free up time and take away the worry.

How do I apply?

Send us your resume at, your motivation and/or showcase with an indication of your salary. We will take a look and get back to you ASAP, at least within 5 workdays. If you make a good first impression, we would love to have a chat! After that first meeting, you might get an invitation for a (digital) follow-up morning or afternoon and you get to meet the team. Everybody happy? Welcome to the (Appic) team! Help us become the ultimate spend assistant.

Will you become our new colleague?
Do you want to work at the most fun office in the Netherlands? With colleagues you can laugh with and at? Check out our job openings and send in your resume and motivation!

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