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Stadsschouwburg Utrecht

Rapid processing of invoices is important, but at Stadsschouwburg Utrecht they had more than one important reasons to digitize invoice processing. Insight into the invoice and the invoice status were equal in terms of priorities. The choice for ProActive was mainly due to the fact that ProActive offers more than just meeting the minimum requirements. In ProActive they also have the possibility to execute contract management and register obligations.

“I can trace an invoice in just a couple of seconds!”

Joost Kok, Head of Finance & Automation

Many organisations are fed up with long invoice processing times and are switching to digital invoice processing. Aside from the shorter processing times, there are other reasons for this. Such as a clearer view of invoice status. Sometimes this is even more important than fast processing. That’s also the case at the Utrecht city theatre, the Stadsschouwburg Utrecht.

Stadsschouwburg Utrecht is the largest theatre podium in the city. Before they used invoice processing software, all invoices arrived by post. They were then forwarded to various departments – via the internal post – to obtain the necessary signatures. “With a bit of luck, they were returned to the administration within two weeks. Sometimes faster, sometimes slower,” Joost Kok, Head Finance & Automation explains.

“We wanted greater efficiency and to stop losing invoices – to create a comprehensive dossier. A comprehensive dossier enables us to answer questions from suppliers or management more quickly. Once we had made the decision to digitise our process, we looked at a number of suppliers online. We also consulted a few cultural organisations about their experiences.”

Joost and his colleagues from the financial administration department had drawn up a number of objectives in advance to assess the candidates. For one thing, they wanted to eliminate the paper workflow. Not only internally, but also on the supply side. They also wanted to obtain insight into the invoice status. “We wanted to make full use of the benefits of digitisation. We ended up with ProActive via the Central Museum in Utrecht, who were very happy working with it. In addition to ProActive, there were two other candidates, one of which was specific to our financial package AccountView.

But the preference was for ProActive, as ProActive not only met all our requirements, but even offered further useful features. In ProActive, we have the option to set up the workflow ourselves. It is a clear environment with a high degree of user-friendliness. Furthermore, ProActive can be supplemented with multiple functionalities, such as Contract Management and Liabilities. We were treated to a demonstration of these functionalities at intake, but wanted to first get to grips with Invoice Processing. But now we’re working with the other functionalities of the Spend Cloud as well.”

Everyone who has to handle invoices at Stadsschouwburg Utrecht works in ProActive. “Everyone who has to authorise an invoice was given some training. It took just an hour or so to get the hang of working with the software. Even our colleagues who have no experience with computers are happy.

Working in ProActive has obvious benefits: we now have a fully digital workflow and invoice processing is much faster. 85% of invoices have an average processing time of no more than 10 days. Invoices with a longer processing time generally have issues of one kind or another. The invoices are easy to consult, both in the workflow and in the dossier. I can trace an invoice in just a couple of seconds.

If I look at the expectations and the reality, I’d say that ProActive does far more than we had anticipated. In addition to an excellent search function, ProActive also allows us to generate concise reports and clear statistics.”




The factsheets provide specific information on the functionalities Stadsschouwburg Utrecht uses: Invoice processing and Contract management.

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