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Koraal Groep

While the employees of Koraal Groep come to work every day to support people with a disability or hindrance, they spent a lot of time processing client funds in the financial system. In ProActive, Koraal Groep has found a web portal that is a time saver for the communities and the financial administration. The field staff process client funds in a highly simplified manner and the management benefits from up-to-date and reliable financial data.

“Controlling funds for employees in the field has been hugely simplified!”

Antoine Laumen, Head of Financial Administration

Koraal Groep is an organisation that comprises eleven charities in Limburg and Noord-Brabant that provide advice and support to people with a mental, physical and/or psychosocial disability or handicap.

Accounting for funds
The processing of decentral funds was a thorn in the eye of the administrators of Koraal Groep. Staff lost a lot of time in accounting for the funds correctly in the financial system. They often had to carry out duplicate actions and checks. And a lot of errors were made in the process, such as frequent cash discrepancies.

Setting up decentral funds flexibly
Looking for a way to get a better grip on the process, the organisation started searching for a web portal for flexibly setting up cash and bank-client funds. One key requirement here was that registering and accounting for these funds had to be done by employees in the field. The final decision was in favour of ProActive, as the solution provided by ProActive best reflected their requirements and wishes.

A top-quality solution
Antoine Laumen, Head Financial Administration: “The primary objective of the project was to employ a more efficient way of working that would lead to time savings within the residential groups and the financial administration. This objective would have to be realised based on a reduction in the number of actions and limiting the amount of errors. Thanks to ProActive, it is now much simpler to account for the decentral funds of employees in the field.  We are enjoying the benefits at management level too: the new cash banking book, for instance, provides more options for delivering current financial and reliable information. Our objectives were thus amply realised. The challenges of this project have resulted in a top-quality solution. We are looking forward to our future collaboration with ProActive!”


The factsheet provides specific information on the functionality Koraal Groep uses: Cash & Card.

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