Case HVO-Querido – Business prepaid card

In a timely manner, HVO-Querido’s manager of the financial administration saw the error-prone situation led by 3,300 employees who all have their own method of processing cash funds. First, HVO tried to find a solution in a self-developed spreadsheet.
When this turned out to be too laborious and error-prone, they came to ProActive. The control options for both the financial administration and team leaders were the reason for a unanimous ‘go’ on ProActive.
When this turned out to be too laborious and error-prone, they came to ProActive. The control options for both the financial administration and team leaders were the reason for a unanimous ‘go’ on ProActive.

HVO-Querido – Business prepaid cards

3,300 employees, 70 treasuries and 50 locations, each with their own way of working. “Such a situation is simply very prone to errors, but my manager identified that in good time,” Gerard Emmens, Financial Administration Office at HVO-Querido explains. “In addition manually transferring the cash ledgers involved lots of unnecessary extra work, so we promptly took a decision: we’re going to sort this out.”

Spreadsheets and Account View

“We started with the internal possibilities, such as a spreadsheet we developed ourselves for use in Account View. But this turned out to be too laborious.” When HVO-Querido ran around with this issue, it engaged AAG consultancy agency. “We indicated that we were looking for a user-friendly system to manage our cash and bank books in a safe and secure way. ProActive was their first recommendation.”

Together with his manager, a direct colleague from financial administration, an administrator, and three location staff members, Gerard Emmens evaluated the programme. “The working group gave a resounding ‘yes’, as it was immediately clear that the system would lead to better management options in the financial administration not only for us, but also for our team leaders.”

A clear implementation program

After approval, implementation followed. “A clear planning schedule was drawn up. It was transparent which information we had to supply to ensure the process would run as smoothly as possible, and it was clear what we could expect in return. Partly thanks to effective communication, it ran very smoothly.”

As is often the case with the introduction of a new system, the staff were quite reticent at first. “A new programme is always somewhat scary at first, but from the moment they started working with the programme, everyone was happy in no time. It took me less than a week to familiarise myself with it. And even a team manager who is quite conservative when it comes to new programmes was eventually wildly enthusiastic about it. Such moments truly represent a massive victory.”

Charles Stoelman
Team Leader Financial Administration
“Using less cash enables us to master the risks. But we knew that in advance.”

Cash or card?

HVO-Querido has been working with ProActive Cash & Card for three years now and has developed a structured working method. “We pay minor expenses for customers in cash, as many of our customers are unable to deal with digital payment. On the other side are business expenses. And we pay those using our cards unless it concerns major expenses. Those are processed via the procurement department.”

The registration of expenses has also changed. “The function of my department has shifted from an input function to a control function. Location staff registers cash expenses in the digital cash ledger and we check it. For our digital expenses, we extract a file from our ABN Amro environment and import that into ProActive. The mutations are automatically entered directly into the correct card ledger. These are then forwarded to location staff, so that they can specify the expenses.”

Realized objectives

Now that HVO-Querido has been using ProActive for three years, it is time to reflect on the objective and how it was realized. “We now have ongoing access to our treasuries and cash assets. This means that we can intervene at any given moment, and not when the harm has already been done.” As a manager, Charles Stoelman has something to add to this: “Using less cash is a safer and more secure way of working, so I would say that ProActive has definitely delivered the risk management that we are looking for. But we knew that in advance.”

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