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The central trade union of the FNV is in Utrecht, but the organization has regional trade union houses throughout the country. In the past, there was an archive of invoices in each regional trade union house. Now that they have opted for ProActive, because it’s web-based, links with the accounting package and has a clear project approach, the throughput time of an invoice has decreased by 67%.

“Thanks to ProActive, the processing time for invoices has decreased by 67%!”

Yvonne Wijnker, Head of Finance

The FNV (Federation of Dutch Trade Unions) is the largest trade union in the Netherlands. The organisation is located centrally in Amsterdam, but has branches throughout the country.

Digitising invoice flows
Due to the size and decentral character of the FNV, there was a strong desire for digitising invoice processing. In the past, the organisation often had to deal with long processing times, invoices were lost, and decentral staff had to maintain their own archive of copies. Copy invoices and reminder invoices regularly resulted in duplicate payments. It’s safe to say the process was far from efficient.

Structured invoice flows
After looking at a number of packages, the FNV opted for ProActive. The clear project approach, an interface with DBS Financieel – the financial package used by the organisation – and the fact that the solution is web-based were the decisive factors in the final decision. Invoices are scanned centrally, with the data being recognised and added to the digital archive automatically. Via the integrated procuration schedule, each invoice is assessed and signed off by the proper budget holders. Because the software is web-based, the invoices are always accessible everywhere to all those involved. Directly after the last approval has been given, the invoice is ready for payment in DBS Financieel.”

Faster invoice processing
Yvonne Wijnker, Head of Finance, tells us about her experience with ProActive: “Before the implementation of ProActive within the organisation, it took an average of as long as six weeks before an invoice was approved by all the people responsible and was ready for payment. With the result that we were failing to meet the payment deadlines. We therefore regularly received reminders from our suppliers. This problem has been resolved since we’ve been using ProActive. The processing time of an invoice has even decreased by 67%!


The factsheet provides specific information on the functionality FNV uses: Invoice Processing.

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