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Eden Hotels

Errors, especially the time it takes to correct those errors are highly undesirable with 35,000 incoming invoices a year. After Eden Hotels chose ProActive to solve their problems, they first tested six weeks in 3 of the 11 hotels. The new method was perceived as very pleasant, because the benefits were visible immediately. After the test period they switched to the next step: automatically linking purchase orders to incoming invoices.

“The collaboration with ProActive feels like a partnership.”

Joost Peeperkorn, Financial Director

With 11 hotels and 45,000 incoming invoices annually, Eden Hotels had a massive problem with processing times. There were too many errors, requiring lots of corrections. And all because the processing of document flows had not been set up efficiently. They want to save on both time and cost by digitising the entire process, from purchase to payment. After an extensive package-selection process, ProActive turned out to fit their requirements and wishes the best.

Tracing invoices really fast
The first step towards a completely digitised purchase-to-pay process was to digitise purchase invoices. ProActive invoice processing was trialled for six weeks in three hotels. People immediately found the new way of working to be very pleasant. The initial benefits were directly apparent: fewer invoices lost, fewer errors when entering items, and a faster, automated workflow. The biggest time saving was achieved in the tracing and processing of invoices.

To achieve greater efficiency, Eden Hotels agreed with its top-15 suppliers that it would receive invoices entirely digitally. That resulted in 90% of the invoices being received digitally, which are processed even faster in ProActive.

Invoice matching
After the invoice processing functionality was rolled out throughout the organisation, it was time for the next step: to streamline the purchasing process using ProActive Procurement. The great thing about ProActive is that both processes – invoice processing and procurement– are interfaced. The system signals and matches incoming invoices automatically with the related, approved purchase order and delivery. These are then automatically booked and primed for payment. In the past, staff had to search through archive cabinets for paper purchase orders and invoices to check them. This process is now provided automatically by ProActive. And that saves a huge amount of time!

Collaboration feels like partnership
Joost Peeperkorn concludes: “Thanks to ProActive, the process is better safeguarded, as everything is recorded digitally. But we are also very satisfied with the service provided by ProActive. Issues are dealt with quickly and accurately. ProActive really does live up to its name!”


The factsheets provide specific information on the functionalities that Eden Hotels uses: Invoice processing and Procurement.

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